Ball of fire

In pursuit of a larger star,

In pursuit of a brighter star,

I bear like a thousand scars

and start my hunt on a rickety car.


Chasing the dim light at the far end,

I hum in the scum, like a glow worm hell bend

Hounding the beautiful gleam, Oh, I was overspent

But in the adversities,Β I continue to fend.


Seating my glass jars behind,

dazzling my wobbly car,

the dream for the star makes me blind,

I only hope to go that far.


The dark road I tread, looking around with awkward glances,

as the light grows in multitude, my crazy mind dreading advances.

The ramshackle struggles, now much slower than the star,

not harmless muggles, Oh my God, it’s bizarre.


It’s an insane ball of fire.

It strikes the car, blowing it up. I know I am on the line up..

I land far away, light and smoke and the majestic fire,

gulping the darkness within its arms, throwing me in much ire.

The glass jars break and the stars now sway,

my deep insides in troubled affray.

Laying still, with incomplete defeat, stunned at my own loss,

I shrugged off my own treasureΒ for little more gloss..


Waning into nothingness, I feel myself floating,Β above all the illusions, greed and sheen..

From seeking one glaring light into the lap of illumination..



    1. To me, it signified that the man really didn’t come from great means. He set out with meagre resources and he didn’t lose confidence because of that. We often feel in life that we don’t have as much as other do, but in most of those instances, we forget that to have a healthy mind is to have the greatest privilege and if one uses that well, it can take her or him really far. So, ya.. πŸ™‚

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