Thank you, 500 followers.

500 followers. WOW.

When I first thought of writing the blog thanking my 200 followers for being so kind to me, and finally posted it, I thought, I won’t have to worry about writing another one for a very long time. But life and the people here are very kind and encouraging to be honest. I may still be far away from where I want to be, but I really think, if I ever go there, these 500 people backing me up will be my backbone, the foundation of my confidence and the reason I love doing this more than anything. The prospect of writing my next blog, the thought of assembling the simplest of words and weave it into my humblest opinions has become for life rendering than anything that I have pursued in my life until now. It is the occurrence of this event, so much sooner than I had anticipated makes me consider myself in a more approving manner in this difficult arena. I am grateful for everyone for infusing the same faith in me. It came from you all to me.

I thank you all from the deepest crevices of my heart, in your faith, I find my solace… Please let it keep coming.



    1. Haha. Thanks a lot. It is still a pinch me moment for me too. Never expected this. I am grateful for the reciprocation I have received so early on. It is so motivating and makes me keep a check on the quality and regularity. All in all, it’s pretty good. 😀☺️

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      1. Good luck and happy blogging. It’s fun to grow a blog but also more time consuming the more the blog grows. I didn’t realised that when I wished my blog to grow.

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