Top 5 Shower gels

Now although, I may not qualify as a lifestyle blogger, but come on, everyone has a lifestyle and who doesn’t want to use great shower gels πŸ˜€

  1. Body Shop British rose :Β body shop british rose

I went absolutely crazy after I smelled this at a Body shop outlet and couldn’t rest until I found it online and ordered it. Love its light rose like fragnance. It’s not like the nauseating rosy smell that youΒ  typically find.

It lathers pretty well and the scent is will not last after your bath, but I think that is good, because if it did, it would have strong chemicals and bathing with that is something that I would endorse on a daily basis.

2. Fiama di wills Black current and berries :

fiama di wills

Now, this one justifies it when it says, the scent is that of the berries. It is the most pleasant fragrance there could be. For a bath after a tiring day, this would be ideal. Lathers very well again.

3. Nivea greenΒ 

nivea lemon

A refreshing and citrus-y smell Β for a post work out bath is what this is. It will instantly liven you up with its beads and fragrance. This feature renders this a unisex property. But, I mean anyone can use anything, totally upto one’s choice. No-one ain’t judging them. It’s a free world and I am a proud feminist. Ok, back to this topic now. Totally worth a try. This one’s amazing.

4. Dove cucumber


Okay, now this one is like my first love. I actually first began with the soap version of this and then got on to this, both equally great. And I am still using it, you don’t really get over your first love, not when it smells great and is not a douchebag! πŸ˜›

I love it, do give it a try.

5. Body shop Β : Fuji green tea

body shop fuji green tea

OMG, this one is exclusive. It smells fresh and exotic and insane in a wonderful way. You will feel as if you are in a pool infused with grass and Fuji green tea. This one is a steal.

6. Consolation Prize :Β Godrej Cinthol

godrej cinthol shower gel

Again a very very fresh and attractive smell, lemony and citrusy. Long lasting and will have someone drooling for sure.

PS : I did stick to the number this time, almost. πŸ˜› (For those who have read the top 15 pick for songs, know what I am talking about) πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Feature image courtesy : Pinterest


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