First ever movie review – Bareilly ki barfi

Title : Bareilly ki barfi

Language : Hindi

Release date : 18th August, 2017

Director : Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Written by : Nitesh Tiwari, Rajat Nonia, Shreyas Jain

Cast : Rajkummar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon, Seema Pahwa and Pankaj Tripathi

Music : Arko, Tanishk Bagchi, Samira Koppikar, Vayu, Sameer Uddin

Review : First things first, the story line

Might not be the most flawless one, but you do have a good time. I watched the film with some north Indian folks and they liked it as much. So, it would not be a bad idea spending two hours watching the film. But, that can be mostly credited to the dialogue writing and the excellent performances by Seema Pahwa as Sushila Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi portraying Mr. Mishra and ofcourse Rajkummar Rao playing Pritam Vidrohi (Bidrohi as they call him). Their kickass accents and effortless acting add life to otherwise mediocre storyline.

The same can not be said about Ayushmann Khurrana who plays Chirag Dubey quite mildly. It can’t be totally blamed upon him as the character doesn’t really have meaty traits for him to execute and also Kriti Sanon playing Bitti Mishra, whose lack lustre performance with her regular accent bring nothing much to the table. Her character is quite cliché as being the rebellious small town girl is quite in fashion if you notice films like Badri and others that have released recently.

What is exciting though, is the role of her father who is quite progressive. I mean I would have called him even more progressive had he been pushing her for education and stuff like that, instead of being okay with smoking, roaming late at night, etc (but who are we kidding, this ain’t a movie with a message to educate the audiences. But why not, guys do these things, don’t they? The girls can too. Anyway, moving on with that logic, the other good thing is the little detailing to get the authentic feel of the small town is great. Although, most of the landscapes are shot in lucknow (the UP friend identified them during the movie and I later confirmed the same), the feel is quite genuine.

The story is about Bitti, who loves to live on her terms, to which her dad doesn’t object but are not in line with her mother’s, as no one really agrees to marry her. This works out for Chirag Dubey as he falls in love with her for his after his 5 year long mourning over his first lost love (Oh, come on). Anyway, this happens over an exchange of a few letters that Bitti writes to the author of Bareilly ki barfi (a book that she randomly picks from a railway station and observes strong resemblance of her traits with that of the female protagonist of the book and hence is motivated to write to the author). The thing is the actual author is Chirag himself, although he writes back to her, she now insists on meeting Pritam Vidrohi, who book and the photo printed on it say, is the author. Enter Rajkummar Rao. He is simple guy who Chirag trains to act like a dude. Amazing performance by Rao here as makeover scenes can get quite boring and double character thing is difficult to pull off. One can imagine his brilliance when Rao does both parts in one single shot. Now begins a lot of confusion between the two guys, the secret that only they know and their persuasion to Bitti. This chaos progresses to a conclusion, a marriage where Bitti eventually marries one of the guys.

To me, the way the ending was shot was cliché and boring and fell into the crevices of its own poor script. The unraveling of the end could have been better written. Nonetheless, overall the film was okay. The one liners and clever writing at places help you sit through it quite comfortably.

Rating : 3.5/5

PS : 1. The music is nice overall, specially Nazm Nazm, music and voice by Arko.

But why do almost all the songs just breakout abruptly between the scenes, that is so damn annoying. Like this one.

2. Now, the movie clearly shows the production and the distribution of the book, Bareilly ki barfi and how it was such a massive failure that people use it everywhere to dump things or eat roadside food in its covers. Where was Bitti all that time? Hmm.

Thanks for reading guys, do let me know if you like my review, so I can post more reviews of the films that I watch. If you have a special request for some movie and my review on that, do let me know. HAVE A GREAT DAY.



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