First ever HAUL blog!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!

I am so pleased to post this today. This is a very different kind of blog; it’s something that I haven’t done before. I got this idea from lifestyle bloggers I have watched on Youtube, who post similarly for make up items and stuff like that. So, I bought a lot of books in the last few weeks and also, my mom returned some of the books that I had purchased a while back and left at her place. So, I have all of them with me now and I am ready to post a book haul! I am really excited for this blog! Have I said that already? Ok, anyway, I think, it will be a lot of fun! So let’s begin with the listing(in no particular order).

So I bought these books mostly in the last few weeks, but the first one I am going to talk about is about a month old purchase, and the love for it is more than 10 years old.. it’s…


I have read, re-read and re-read HP like I don’t know, a million times. (Okay, not a million times, but you guys get the feel right?) I have been a crazy HP fan since like 14 years now. In fact, I was never much of a reader before that and read HP and got crazy about books, reading and writing. It brought literary breakthrough in my life and was the harbinger of whatever positive happened post that.

Anyway, I never lost even 0.01% of the love and magic of HP and had read from library copies or those that my friend’s had. But I, this time when I felt that urge to read it again, I said to myself, this is the time, I have to get a copy of my own. And, so I did!!

This is the how the set looks and I started reading it the day that I got it delivered!!! HP is love!


Author: J.K. Rowling

Publication: Bloomsbury Press

Cost: I had purchased it at a discounted price of Rs. 2627. Although, the prices at various sites change with time, they try to keep it competitive.

2. Scion of Ikshvaku (Book 1 – Ram Chandra series)

Author: Amish Tripathi

Publication: Westland Limited

Cost: Rs. 155


3. Sita – Warrior of Mithila (Book 2 – Ram Chandra series)

Author: Amish Tripathi

Publication: Westland (29 May 2017)

Cost: Rs. 166


I bought these two over a lot of hype that followed the release of Sita. Although, I have read another series by Amish Tripathi, called the Shiva trilogy and wouldn’t exactly call myself a fan, but, in the end, I caved in, hoping these ones are better and purchased them at discounted prices.

These are fiction novels based on characters from Hindu mythology, which is interesting AF. So, hoping against hopes, I have bought them. Fingers crossed. 😛

4. The Goal

Through engrossing narrations, author tries to teach you problem solving techniques and management lessons. Too excited read this. 😀

Author: E.M. Goldratt

Publication: Productivity & Quality Publishing Pvt Ltd; Edition edition (1 December 2013)

Cost: Rs. 460

the goal

5. Work Rules

Author: Lazlo Bock

Publication: Hachette Book Publishing

Cost: Rs. 599 (There is a newer edition costing Rs. 339 also)

From a preview, it seems like a book that will give lessons drawn from Google (as the author is a Senior VP of people operations at Google) based on the philosophy of new work culture and how to hone your talent and shine, hire people and use (or not) your gut instinct. AMAZING! Isn’t it?

work rules

6. Thinking fast and slow

Author: Daniel Kahneman

Publication: Penguin

Cost of purchase : Rs. 250

thinking fast and slow

7. Winning on HR analytics

Author: Thomas Davenport

Publication: Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd

Cost : Rs. 276


These four books were suggested by a good friend and hence, purchased them without a second thought. These are books that teach management lessons in DIY analytical ways and hence provide a good learning scope.

Now apart from the recent purchases, I happened to borrow the following books from my Dad. You could ask me to review any of the mentioned books, if you guys please!

1. Zero to one

zeo to one

Author: Peter Thiel

Publication: Crown Business

2. Our iceberg is melting

our iceberg

Author: John Kotter

Publication: Pan Macmillan

3. Who moved my cheese?


Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

Publication: G. P. Putnam’s Sons

Pl. read my review of the book to know more.



      1. Lord of the rings, 2 Asterix comics, Mother, One night of sin, the runaway family, Jim Corbett, A few art books, Midnight Children, a book on the band U2, and some of these books are presents for my birthday

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  1. Great list! It made additions to my To-read list. Also, I would like to mention a book which I read last month, All the Light we cannot see. It’s a great historical fiction. Just a recommendation if you want to buy more books in future 🙂

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  2. Hey!
    pleasure to meet you and thank you taking the time to visit my blog page and having a follow. I have never heard of a Haul blog, but this book one is alright with me, I like reading as well, so this will be fun for sure. I preferred the movies vs the books for Harry Potter 🙂


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      1. Haha, it’s not odd, only individualistic. It is brave to accept it and own it when most people would probably lie about liking the books more, because, they think, people expect them too. Cheers!

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      2. Yes, which is a great thing. Being your self. Of course, one must be humble enough to understand when to learn and adapt and when to stick to being yourself. I hope you like my work. Have a great day!

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  3. Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

    I love to read but after years of reading self help and spiritual books I’ve been only reading historical fiction, chick lit and other books in those genres 🙂

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  4. I love HP! But I must say I’ve only read them once – and watched the movies. That’s a very interesting selection you have there. there’s nothing like curling up with a good book. Happy reading 🙂 And thanks for following my blog.

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  5. Hey another book lover! Hello…hehe. Do you have any favourite author? I’ve never read any HP books, but I’ve watched all the movies and love it! It’s kinda difficult for me to read the book after I’ve watched the movie. Tried it on other books and didn’t work. Haha. Have you read books by Khaled Hosseini or Mitch Albom? They are my fav.
    Thanks for following my blog. Have a great day!

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    1. Hii.. I am a die hard Potterhead! For me the books are ultimate love. Movies too, because it looks all fancy, but books give you that depth into the magical world. Apart from that, I like Dan brown books. Yes, Khaled Hosseini has done amazing work with Kiterunner and a thousand splendid suns, although I like the former, the better.. Mitch Albom’s work, I will surely try, now that you have suggested it to me.. 😊

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  6. I must be the only person on Earth who hasn’t read any of the Harry Potter books. I haven’t even watched the movies.

    Who Moved the Cheese isn’t a book I have fond memories off. At work when the department was complaining about new procedures the company figured they could quell the dissent by forcing us to read that short story.

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    1. First and foremost, what planet are you from? Just kidding. It’s fine if you haven’t read Harry Potter, no really.
      And umm, I liked the book, I really thought, they whole concept of change management was well conveyed and explained via a simple story. You might have fond memories of it because, it came into your life when you were experiencing that change and change is not comfortable and easy. But imagine, if it had not been there, you could have missed on some pointers or methods of handling the situation and that would have been worse, imo.

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