My first travel blog!! – Trailer

…Opening the door of the cab, and also to a world of exhilaration, fun and mainly revelation, I started the journey with much anticipation. I had never been to that part of India and being one of the major destinations, I was really looking forward to visiting them…

… As I scraped my way through the crowd, my legs wet felt some comfort on the marble laid out. I moved ahead a bit and looked up to something 10 times as magnificent as anything I had ever seen in my entire life. There was the Golden temple. It was surely a place deemed for a God’s stay, such was the majesty of the structure. The deep blue of the late evening sky against the dazzle of the golden wall simply put a spectacular sight enough to blind you for a few seconds… I was awestruck and spoke nothing for some time. It took some more time to realize everyone was feeling the same way and it seemed impossible for my brain to register how much it had seen in those mere moments. I probably don’t even know apt words to describe that…

…Our cab rushed parting the chilly wind and through the pleasant drizzles, tracing the curvilinear roads adjacent to the hills. The faraway snow capped hills through the tall Cheel tree line and misty air simply rendered peace and looked more like a gateway to heaven. We could easily peak down to the vertiginous valleys, ends of some of those, we couldn’t even see. As we went further, we could on one end see lucent Beas river flowing flamboyantly as if inviting you to take a dip, and then look ahead at lofty mountains with snow that was causing the icy wind reddening your cheeks. It was indeed the valley of Gods…

Coming soon is my first ever travel blog! I am very nervous as to how much my words will be able to do when it comes to replicating the beauty that nature and India and all the history holds in its magnificent arms. Pl. wait for it and comment below if you have any tips to give me. 🙂

Love you guys!! 🙂




  1. Awesomely described but you really forgot to put your emotions, sentiments, spirituality into your description if Golden temple. Yes, its the God’s own place and every visitor irrespective of their religion, faith, caste, etc feel the serene presence of the Supreme. Even the cool/ chilling wind carries a mystic fragrance inhaling which all your problems evaporate and you come out a new self.
    After visiting, Golden temple where were you headed. I think some part of Himachal Pradesh as you encountered enchanting Beas river, curvilinear roads and vertilicios hills on your way.

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    1. I agree, and I did try to capture a bit of the picturesque, a bit of the emotion and everything, but after all, it is a trailer and all the things mentioned above and much more will make it to the final cut. I am almost done with the draft but have lost the pictures sadly, in a phone accident. So, I am still trying to recover those and I hope the post is up soon and that you and everybody like it! 🙂

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