The blue sky tag award

I am an amateur blogger, although I have been writing for quite a few years now, on and off. Few of my poems are actually from my 2009, 2011 notes, that I have refined before posting, needless to say, I simply love writing. And in my very short span of blogging now, barely two weeks, I have received a lot of appreciation and acceptance, which is simply overwhelming!

I thank @theuncertainties787  ( for nominating me for this award, it means a lot! Thanks again 🙂

Rules to participate:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 10 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 10 people   4. Give them 10 questions to answer

The answers to the questions that I was asked to answer are:

  • Three facts about you. : I am a crazy Harry Potter fan, I am an electrical engineer by profession and lastly, I started writing when I was 13 years old!
  • Where you see your-self in writing in next 5 years? : I haven’t given it much thought yet, would definitely want to be in a position to have a larger reach and larger impact.
  • Five places where you want to go in future around the globe : Anywhere with people whom I love. Literally, anywhere.
  • Choose one of them. a) tea or coffee : Tea b) romantic or action movie : romantic (what has tea or coffee anything to do with blogging, I am still wondering though. :P)
  • If you have got a magic stick what you gonna do with that? : Enroll myself into a witchcraft and wizardry school, like Hogwarts. 
  • Your favorite place to feel lost.(The place where you enjoy your own company. : There is not any such specific place. I believe to feel lost or to feel calm or to feel in chaotic space is actually all in one’s head. So, I could feel lost in a classroom, meeting ( 😛 ) or in a long ride, anywhere that I want to.. 
  • Why is it you favorite? Firstly since it is not fully in my control, I do not think, I own the rights to call it favourite. But neevrtheless, why I still like it is because, it empowers me to be in a calm state irrespective of my physical location.
  • What quality you see in people before making friends? : Genuineness
  • Your three favorite recipes. a. Lemon rice b. Chicken tandoor c. Maharashtrian Masale bhaat
  • At least two qualities that you can predict about me after reading answers I gave above : That’s a tough one. Often, in my opinion, what people perceive or think or predict reflects upon their mindset, so I think, it is a very subjective question.

Although I appreciate the work of many many people and the list here would simply get endless. And it actually took most time to decide this than the rest of the post! Everyone is simply so wonderful and talented! But now that I have to, here are my nominees:

  1. @urbanpoetry (
  2. @scatteredscripturient (
  3. @mysterioussoul (
  4. @sreepriyamenon (
  5. @cristianmihai (
  6. @hannah (
  7. @theminkis (
  8. @lindaluna583 (
  9. @jerennazuto (
  10. @priyasha (

Pl. checkout their blogs and give them love!

My questions to my nominees are:

  • What motivated you to start writing/blogging?
  • Which amongst those written by you, is your favourite blog post? Why?
  • If you had the option of selecting one book to be made into a movie by a certain director, which movie would that be?
  • Your favourite genre for books or movies?
  • If you were given the choice to have the exact life of a character of a certain book, what character and book would that be?
  • What attracts you to a book?
  • Who is your idol in life? Why?
  • Is there any movie/ book/song/blog that you loved but everyone you knew hated, but you simply couldn’t help yourself but still love it? 
  • What future do you see for yourself as a blogger, or even beyond that?
  • In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic that a good blogger needs to have?


      1. Wow. That’s great, what language? And I have re-read the books too, only in english though, but it is brilliant on JK’s part to write it so well that it never gets boring..


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