Bereft You          

red_rose_2-wallpaper-1920x1200When the bright angels will be unable to conquer the dark evils,

When the rays of hope will not illuminate minds,

When the life would miss its shiny lucent appearance,

Then …..


When the soft breeze would not calm creatures taking siestas,

When the coolness in it will no longer sustain,

When its liveliness will not exalt pleasure,

Then …..


When a brook will grow short of briskness,

When its content will be irretrievable and its itinerary would be irredeemable,

When the mellifluous lucid would swallow its own drink of purity,

When its barren will subject creatures to unquenched thirst, rummaging for survival,

Then ….


When vapour will refuse to condense,

When angels will not sob over the dry land,

When raindrops will cease to tickle over our skin,

When it’s diamond like glitter will be a sore sight,



Then, it will equal the loneliness that has struck,

For a friend will have gone,

As if noise silently,

Silence like a thunder,

Water from the river, light from the world,

Colours from flowers and wings from birds,


Soul from life..

And that’s how it will be, bereft you..






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