I love you ‘Ma’

318212_2902208732613_1341867453_nShe said,

The world is black or the world is white,

   I do not know, b’coz I never had its sight,

   all I saw was love and death,

   blood and mom’s beret, 

   that protected me from harm,

   that gave me nourishment, care and warmth.

   From a mite-like origin,

   to a six month unborn,

   my journey was renamed sin,

   for my existence in someone’s path was a thorn.

   The hope to life ceased,

   ceased endlessly never to begin,

   my breath froze, my fate teased,

   defeat engraved before the war could begin.

   All through those dreadful moments, I could here Ma,

   grumbling, sobbing, fighting or crying,

   the end seemed not so far..

   coz, before even coming to this world, i was going..

   People are hated for their deeds,

   I was abhorred for no reason,

   why did they sow the seeds,

   if they knew it was off season??

   I was the fruit of their tree,

   but then why did they detest me??

   Was it too painful, the delivery??

   Or did a boy’s “I love you Ma, mean more than me??”

She said,

” My dear child, you are mistaken,

   yet, I believe my crime can not be forgiven,

   for reasons that exist in multiple,

   in forces of magnitude that can cripple.

   I had to abort you.. my poor fate..

   coz the practice, no authority, no law can abrogate.

   The world has colours united to black,

   the building of ignorance is impossible to ransack,

   in tandem exist, poverty, illiteracy,  believes,

   that the evil can not cease..

   Being a girl, you rightly said is a sin,

   such misfortunes ought to be in a bin,

   These ideas untrue, people’s expectations uncanny,

   rules unacceptable to unlucky, suppressed by many.

   I grumbled, sobbed, fought and cried

   but no audience, I sighed,

   no one bore a heart, took pains to be humane,

   said girls are a burden and there’s nothing to gain..

   You were never an off-season dear,

   you are the love of my life, hit by a spear,

   precious as gold, sweet as sugar,

   of happiness and prosperity, you would have been a harbinger..

   Endless pain I would have endured,

   but the social enigmatic disorder couldn’t be cured.

   “I  love you Ma” from both would mean hymn to my ear..

    I owe you a punishment, and I am coming close to you, my dear..”

Then, with a loud thud, a goddess fell onto the ground,

and to the other chamber, reached the sound,

the father-to-be banged, broke through the door, stared,

the door that first refused to open, but then the weight it couldn’t bear..

He rushed inside to see, his lady’s beautiful eyes still,

tears rolled down, coz he never saw how guilt and sorrow could kill..

A mother of a girl, a mother of responsibility, a mother of dowry,

An epitome of bravery preferred to leave this world-so-cowardly..

Female foeticide is the abortion of a female foetus outside of legal methods in light of Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PCPNDT) passed in 1994, amended in 2003. A recent study by Nandi and Deolalikar (2013) states that the 1994 PCPNDT Act may have had little impact by preventing 106,000 female foeticides over one decade and there have been initiatives such as Beti-Bachao andolan as well, but little do we know, there is under reported female infanticide in India as well. Even today there are regions where the sex ratio which is so pathetically, that there are hardly any females left to marry. This had led to increased trafficking, sexual assault, etc. Everyone has a right to live and people must understand that being a female doesn’t change that.

“Female foeticide can’t be allowed to take place. Villages with women Sarpanchs can play key role& show the way in ending female foeticide,” said PM Modi addressing a conclave of women Sarpanchs in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. But the question is not about what we are we have been doing up until now, the real question is, are we there yet?

There would not have been P V Sindhu, Phogat sisters (from Haryana, with one of the lowest sex ratios), Kiran Bedi, Priyanka Chopra, etc if the were killed by this mindset too.. What really should be emphasized upon is not Swacch Bharat with clean surrounding, but also clean mindsets..



image source :  punjabtribune.com, statistics :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_foeticide_in_India , https://sites.google.com/a/mtholyoke.edu/female-foeticide/resume


  1. I could relate to it with one of my early posts… it’s a serious issue you raised…

    But when it comes to maa, I would love to add few lines on Maa that… it’s the best gift almighty has given to some fortunate people…

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  2. Kya likha hai..mast re!!!
    Started reading the first and went on reading one after another…loved them all .
    Poems !write up !all of them are just too good
    Keep it up !!

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  3. Where so many people in America fight over right to life for all fetuses or pro choice for a woman to have the legal choice to abort for her own personal reasons, we often forget about places in the world where a fetus can die based upon its sex alone. Prayers to all who are involved in such a horrible practice and the women who must endure it.

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    1. Yes, I do observe there are differences such as these, but these stem from the social background that a region has I suppose. I am not proud to accept that there are certain places in India where there is dowry or simply narrow-mindedness owing to illiteracy which leads to drastic measures as these. Certain families still believe men carry the family name ahead whereas that stops when you only have daughters. So, in this pathetic set up, people end up killing the female fetus. Although, the situation is indeed getting better, I feel, there is still a long way to go. If we still need to speak of it, the problem hasn’t totally gone, I believe.


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