On the zenith of mountains, there’s height of violence,

In the lush green grass, prosperity decays,

The clear blue seas have turned blood red,

On the border bravery claims lives,

the celebrations with joy, turn wet with tears sigh,

If the treaties of peace end with fights,

Oh Lord! Tell me where peace lies..

This was a piece I wrote back in 2011, for an initiative called Ummeed-e-milaap, by IIT Mumbai and I was extremely proud of the way it started then and was honoured that they included this as a shortlist..

I justย rummaging through my old entries and found this and what stunned me was, probably we are just as close to resolving differences and establishing peace today, as we were then.. Uri attack, stone pelting and many other incidents take us far from what we envision and hope for..

Six years hence, and the matter’s still at hand,

Deeper crevices stillย exist between the lands,

Let the doves fly, high in the sky,

& free the lives, who ought not to die,

Let us feed the needy and not the terror,

punish the guilty by being fairer.

Land’s for flowers and not for soldiers to be,

After this dense smoke of war, let only peace be.






  1. It’s awesome… literally felt every line of this especially the context… thank you for sharing…. never thought that people would attach this issue of pain we suffer so deeply…

    Thank you !

    Liked by 1 person

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