Are you wondering how to start writing a blog?

Are you wondering how to start writing a blog? 10 brilliant examples of beginning a blog. Blah! Blah!


Dear diary,

Umm… Hello. It’s been really long that we haven’t spoken… isn’t it? Umm… Getting awkward already… I know we have been avoiding each other. Probably like a long distance creeping up in a live in couple. Seeing you getting dusty and muted with each passing day on that beautiful spick and span desk with pastel green top has not being easy. I have not been able to muster up the courage to lift up a pen and rub it against your white blank insides.. The differences have certainly bridged us apart. But unlike all the cases, I want to give this another shot and in a different way. You know what they say about creative ways rekindling an old relationship. 😉

So, I have decided to put our relationship to the next level. What’s better than confessing my love to the world? I mean what’s better than writing a blog, an e-diary, if I may say so?

I know now, loads of things are definitely easier than writing a blog, if not better. Writing a blog is much more difficult than it seems. So, I decided to approach the know-it-all. Google. I looked up a few things about it… How to start writing a Blog? 10 brilliant examples of beginning a blog. So, what I got was a lot of Blah! Blah! And yes, a little more blah! There is absolutely nothing substantial on the topic. I mean, they guidance was as good as Rahul Gandhi’s to INC! It rendered no real help, whatsoever. It was such a generalized material that it made me think of just one thing, why did I have to look it up? Wasn’t it something that should come naturally? But then, if it wasn’t something, about me, why were such articles up there at all? Do all people feel this way?

Anyway, I decided to set off on my own and began to contemplate on what I should about write first. Because, they said, first impression is a major. Of course, as makeovers don’t exist in this field, you post a shitty post once, and there you have it, no one wants to read what you write anymore. Isn’t it daunting?

So, I started to think really hard over this. But nothing would come to my mind. I mean seriously, there’s so much going on. Attacks on our army, Triple Talaq issues, environmental problems, Harry Potter, people moving to Hollywood, Champions trophy, new season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, racism, nepotism, poverty and of course  the oh so famous: depression, feminism, there is certainly a lot to talk about, isn’t there? And please don’t judge me as someone who is not sensitive to these issues. I very much am and I will come to them as I progress to more matured writing. But then, back to my question, what should I begin with? Firsts are always special aren’t they?

You know, on reflection now, I think I do think, what I ought to write about. Something that bothers everybody and makes them do what they would never do or on the contrary reveal one’s trueself: Perplexity. Haven’t I been befuddled all along? Isn’t this a virtue that we all, not limited to humans possess? The desire to succeed, the desperation to survive, the morality,  the longing to impress and the craving to profit at all times lead us to thinking, over thinking and perplexity. Are we not always pondering as to what our next step ought to be? Who all are the stakeholders of my decision? How will it impact me, my future and my chances of succeeding? If not that, are there any implications of my actions on those who I love, or the people of my nation? It is not something that is bound by a profession or gender or race or some particular event or even species. Those who live, they desire and love and thus think. And over think. And confuse themselves when they are to make the decisions to weigh their actions against their possible repercussions and to calculate the probability of each of those consequences given the uncertainty that life holds. It’s too much to handle, isn’t it?

But of course, perplexity is a representation of much more, the fact that one has such a luxury speaks a lot about the capabilities of the person, the upbringing, empowerment and of course stands as a testament of the freedom that we enjoy, but that is another boat, we are not going to sail today. Psychology holds a deeper understanding of perplexity when it comes to psychotic disorders which of course we are not exploring today. The dilemma that occurs in the routine or normalcy (for the lack of a better word) of events is under speculation. It happens every moment and is almost natural to mankind now to unwind the obfuscated issues, to speculate every reaction and every word and take it as an input for further processing and take into account all of that registered database at that crucial moment the action is deemed. More often than not, people underestimate its presence and ignore the importance of its addressal and the fact that, with higher stakes and level of impact, the criticality of untangling a perplexed string of thought becomes even more crucial. And those, who assess their pros and cons well, come out with best results.

But will too much thought take away the rawness out of the process, especially in art? Does it add to that made up factor against the natural element in one’s reaction, eliminating spontaneity? So, should one after all, do as the instincts guide and not worry how that guided road is going to shape up the journey?

Isn’t that again a perplexed thought?





  1. Best of luck to you, and yes sometimes all those tips don’t matter such as “blog daily if possible, or at least weekly.” I’m sure it’s important, but it’s a bit of blah for me. Whose blog is it anyways? Lol. You’re right to create it as you see fit. Nice to meet you, and thank you for the visit. 😊

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