Kehti ho tum kuch, kehna chahti hu kuch aur.. Samjhana chahti hu kuch, main jaan jata hu kuch aur.. Ek hi khel bach gaya hai ab, jaan na safed ya kala, Karta rehta hu har pal pe gaur.. Jaanta hu tumhe khoob main, Na pehle jesa hai daur Iss khel mein jeet toh jata hu har … More Justaju..


This is one of my Hindi poems called Sandesa.. I hope you guys like it! अँधेरी राहों में कभी, हमारा संदेसा पढ़ लेना.. उस दिए की रौशनी से, तुम खुदको संवार लेना.. हमारी खूबसूरत यादों को याद कर, प्यारी सी मुस्कुराहट बिखेर देना.. उस अँधेरे मकान में धुप का कोना बना लेना…

I love you ‘Ma’

She said, ” The world is black or the world is white,    I do not know, b’coz I never had its sight,    all I saw was love and death,    blood and mom’s beret,     that protected me from harm,    that gave me nourishment, care and warmth.    From a mite-like origin,   … More I love you ‘Ma’


On the zenith of mountains, there’s height of violence, In the lush green grass, prosperity decays, The clear blue seas have turned blood red, On the border bravery claims lives, the celebrations with joy, turn wet with tears sigh, If the treaties of peace end with fights, Oh Lord! Tell me where peace lies.. This … More Ummeed-e-milaap

Are you wondering how to start writing a blog?

Are you wondering how to start writing a blog? 10 brilliant examples of beginning a blog. Blah! Blah!   Dear diary, Umm… Hello. It’s been really long that we haven’t spoken… isn’t it? Umm… Getting awkward already… I know we have been avoiding each other. Probably like a long distance creeping up in a live … More Are you wondering how to start writing a blog?